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Today the internet has become a place of anxiety because of increasing dangers and threats that are associated with the internet for both old and young alike. Most internet users that are surfing the internet on daily basis are in need of something that can protect their PC from the two common internet worries, the hackers and viruses. Many has fallen victim of one of these two internet dangers, ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Guidelines from Sachin Tendulkar to Surf Internet Securely and Safely

Sachin Tendulkar has been a prominent figure at the launch of he latest versions of antivirus and internet security softwares from Kaspersky. He has been credited with the honor of launching the new editions of this software suite, during which he presented his views on the security solutions provided by the company. He also shared some important tips for his fans and other internet users to ... Continue Reading →

New Challenges for Cyber Criminals due to Launch of Technologies with Security Updates in 2013

The year 2013 has seen a vast increase in the use of mobile phones for internet use, thus these have become more prone to related threats. Other advancements in technology this year include the Windows 8, HTML5 and more that are developed to add to the security of the users, while at the same time have become new challenges for hackers and cyber criminals. The advancement of technology has provided ... Continue Reading →

10 Vital Tips for Small-Scale Businesses for Protection Against Cyber Security Threats

The evolution of internet has improved the outreach of a business, thus making a firm place in the business world. A business might be small scale, using basic internet services or it could be employing high end internet services, every business needs to follow security measures to be prevented from cyber threats harming their business. A few tips are discussed below, which can help a small-scale ... Continue Reading →

Useful Tips to Protect Your Smartphone from Being Attacked by Cyber Criminals

Rise in the popularity of the Smartphones has also provided a surface for the enhancement of cyber attacks on mobile users. Since, a Smartphone is equipped with the features of downloadable apps, internet surfing, email access, financial transactions and many other internet related features, thus, it is compared to a pocket sized computer. While, computers have been targets of hackers from long ... Continue Reading →

Advancements in medical technology

Imagine being able to look inside a patient’s body and see exactly what is happening – without using invasive techniques. Biomedical diagnostics is playing a crucial role in changing our view of medical care and how we gather our primary data. Rather than treating the illness, emphasis is now shifting more towards preventative care, and in this field bio-diagnostics is essential, as preventative ... Continue Reading →

Top 7 Must Have Software’s For New Windows In 2013

If you have recently purchased a new laptop or computer systems, then your windows will need good software. This is because every user wants the best out of their machines. Windows 7 already have in-built best tools but it is not enough. If this would be the case then software vendors would have gone out of business. Here are 7 best software’s explained which you can install in your windows ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Gadgets Of 2013 Chosen By T3

2013 is the year of gaming devices Sony Play station 4 is on its way and raft of gaming products is featured in the list of hot 100. Gaming devices are the next big tech trends after mobile phones. These devices are gaining popularity because they are cool and have amazing features. Game lovers are surely going to thank the developers for making such real life gaming experiences. Here are the ... Continue Reading →

6 Useful iPad Presentation Apps

After the first three months of launch of iPads apple sold more than one million iPads. This is more than the larger version of the iPod touch and iPhone. The iPhone has 4 x screens which are ideal for presentations and reading. Here are the 6 useful apps for iPads which you can download from the app store. After knowing about these apps, you are definitely going to replace your netbooks and ... Continue Reading →

5 Easy Steps to Enable Family Friendly Search Results with Google

During summers, kids enjoy the holidays from their daily school routine, thus, with the presence of kids, this time of the year is great for families to spend together and explore the world of internet together. There are various online websites and tools available for children and other family members to learn from and enjoy playing games together over the internet. No doubt there is a lot of ... Continue Reading →